Newton High School Class of 1957
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To All The Kids Who Survived the 1940's and 50's!! ==>


There are at least 3 diners within a 20 minute drive from your house, and you've been in one after 3 AM.

You've been to Sunrise Mountain.

You still yearn for Luther Hill Corn & a nickel coke at "Klingerner's".

You know that people from Sparta are snobs.

Newton, Sparta and Franklin had movie theaters and there was a drive-in in Newton

You realize that "a bonfire" refers to a party, and you've been to one.

The 4-H is one of the most popular groups in your town.

At least one of your friends milks cows by hand.

You've cursed loudly while trying to drive around the square in the center of Newton.

You've hit numerous small furry animals with your car, and you've nearly hit a deer.

At least one of your friends drives a pickup truck.

You've lost miserably to Dover in some sport.

You've driven over multiple one-lane two-way bridges.

In order to get anywhere you have to get onto either Route 23, Route 206, or Route 15.

You can't believe that people actually vacation at Stokes State Forest.

You've memorized the layout of the Branchville Fair.

You're friends with someone that was in the running for Queen of the Fair.

You've gone to the bowling alley just to hang out.

You've gotten stuck driving behind a tractor.

You know where Ross' Corner is.

You've futilely tried to explain that the Parkway goes nowhere near your house, and you don't designate your town with an exit.

You've gotten pissed at someone for insisting that there are no rural areas left in New Jersey.

Kids lived on the Delaware River in Walpack and went to Newton H.S.

You consider five inches of snow "a dusting."

Going to Dover requires a serious time commitment.

You know people that consider the first day of hunting season a national holiday.

You can't remember the last time that Newton had a bad wrestling team from the 30's through the 60's.

You've had to stop your car in the middle of the road and wait for the cows to cross.

You know that the Sussex County Fair is really the Branchville Fair, and you went every year.

You're overwhelmed when your radio picks up more than two stations.

You've been in a town that has a mineral named after it.

You or someone you know has been pictured on the front page of the New Jersey Herald doing something completely innocent, like ice skating.

You begin to appreciate woodpiles as a decorative feature for the front porch.

You've had no less than seven species of animal in your front yard at one time or another.

You don't believe in street lights.

You've been in a minor school-bus accident due to ice and sharp corners.

After missing a turn, you stop in the middle of the road, put the car into reverse and back up.

You've never seen a Democrat run for any local office.

You take deer crossing signs very seriously.

You've picked and eaten wild berries.

You've gone hiking in the woods and found some abandoned cars.

You've had an unplanned sleepover due to inclement weather.

You moved away years ago, but still miss Sussex County very much and will never forget the "Good Ole' Days" growing up in S.C.