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Welcome to the web site of the Class of 1957, Newton High School, Newton, New Jersey. This site was created by and for the Class of 1957. Here you'll find information about our reunions and classmates.

*** With Ed Risdon's passing our annual Fall Picnic and Get Together at his Harmony Ridge Campground will not be held. ***

This won't make those of us who are nostalgic happy, but in case you forgot our school mascot is a Native American Brave, and the school is under pressure to change our logo. For more see Newton Braves consider retiring team mascot.
Newton's football team won their first ever state championship in 2017, 99 years in the making. It was the first team since 2003 to go undefeated for the season. In the playoff they defeated Lakeland 28-14. For more see Newton football team awarded first key to the town.

Obituaries: The following classmates passed in the last year: Al Melucci, John Grimes, Roger Garris, Howard Reed, Dan McIntyre, Ed Risdon, Myra Snook and Pat Peck, as well as English teacher Kathryn Bedell.

Class Statistics: Linda Chamberlain Hendrixson developed Class Statistics for our 60th Reunion Booklet. A fascinating look at who and where we are.

Missing Classmates: We have a number of classmates we are unable to locate. Can you help?

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