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Welcome to the web site of the Class of 1957, Newton High School, Newton, New Jersey. This site was created by and for the Class of 1957. Here you'll find information about our reunions and classmates. This website was 25 years old on October 2022.

Reunions: Our 65th Reunion was held Monday, August 15, 2022 at the Farmstead Country Club in Lafayette. For photos and names of the 28 classmates who attended go to our 65th Reunion page.

At the end of the event we decided to take the $550 remaining in our treasury and have our Treasurer Nancy Snook donate it to Newton High School's Scholarship Fund. This she did.

At the reunion we were given a copy of the booklet from our 1977 20th Reunion. There is no photo available from that event but you can read what some of us were doing when we were youngsters of 38. Go to 20th Reunion.

Obituaries: The following classmates passed in the last year: Barbara Weller, Vickie Stephens Van Dien, Charles Ulrich and John Mathews. We've heard very little since our reunion so have probably missed news.

Missing Classmates: We have a number of classmates we are unable to locate. Can you help?

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